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First we prepare the parts by cleaning them of all grease and contaminants. At lohman gunsmith we use our special formula depending on the type of metal we use a combination that includes bone and or charcoal plus a few other things.

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The color case hardening is also known as case hardening, case color hardening, and surface hardening.

Color case hardening services. Initially, it required the bone charcoal to be warmed up to a specific temperature. $90.00) (2) write a review. Ruger lcp, lcp ii, ec9 are the only eligible pistols in this category at this time;

Color case hardening is a traditional and unique finishing service that results in patterns of blues, grays, purples, and bronze. Color case hardening is one of the earliest known methods of hardening steel. We use the traditional wood and bone charcoal method of color case hardening.

What is color case hardening? The colors will vary based on several factors, creating a one of a kind finish on each firearm. Here are some examples of his work:

Working at low temps, gives us the ability to bring you the colors you deserve without. We share your passion for the outdoors and for beautiful case hardened guns. Here at lohman gunsmith we are able to bring those faded colors back by redoing the color case hardening.

Color case anodizing service for customer supplied grips. We also manufacture our own bluing salts and sell them within the industry. We are located in northeast iowa right in the heart of whitetail, pheasant and trout country.

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Common case hardened parts include: We specialize in traditional wood and bone charcoal color case hardening! Color case hardening, bluing, rust bluing, charcoal bluing, and nitre bluing.

Our color case is done using a mixture of bone and wood charcoal. Gun bluing and custom bluing services. Color case hardening is getting very popular.

Did you know that lee offers color case hardening services? We have specialized and provided steel heat treating services for over 60 years. Or we can receive you complete firearm for restoration.

We can be reached at 1. In a nutshell, color case hardening is basically carburizing (adding carbon to the surface of the steel) and hardening steel. No more “plum” colors with our salts.

Browning buck mark (color case hardening of carbon steel barrel) cz 457 lux (color case hardening of carbon steel receiver) ruger lcp, lcp ii, ec9 (color case hardening of carbon steel slides) note: We keep our temperatures below hardening temperatures. This process is one of the earliest ways of hardening the steel, even of the lower grade.

To give the parts of the firearm strength, some pieces were color case hardened. It is the same finish that colt uses on their saas. Here at tyler gun works, we are able to color case items others can't, due to our ability to work at lower temps.

Our color case harden finish is an actual case hardening process. These days color case hardening is primarily done for aesthetic reasons. Heat treatment uses extreme cold and hot temperatures to create a specific amount.

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The firing pin offers full service gunsmithing and firearm refinishing, specializing in color case hardening or case color hardening (w/bone & charcoal), hot bluing, rust bluing and rust browning. We provide a variety of services including: Sst is an iso certified metal and steel heat treatment company.

To achieve these results, we use the traditional method of packing the component into a steel crucible together with a generous amount of charred bone, wood and leather, then heating the entire unit to a temperature of 1400 degrees f for two hours or more. The process results in a marbleized coloring of the parts and provides a thin hardened layer of steel while preserving a softer steel core. It is a process of heat treating mainly.

We electroless nickel, cold rust blue, hot blue, parkerize, and color case harden. We supply some of the top firearms manufacturers, gunsmiths. Case hardening, tempering steel, carburizing, quenching heat treatment, vacuum heat treatments and more.

Color case hardening service description: Main menu site hosting and development by technosmiths technology services. We are a federally licensed firearms manufacturing and repair facility, located in scenic northern idaho, specializing in the faithful restoration of genuine bone charcoal color case hardening, rust bluing, and hand rubbed oil finishes on vintage and antique sporting arms.

Contact our customer service team with any questions This was a process of hardening the outer layer of the metal parts to give them increased strength while not over. Antique firearm and winchester restorations.

Case hardening was used into the 1900s for parts such as revolver frames and receivers, and the “coloring” was a byproduct of this process. Posted by lee shaver at 12:35 pm 1 comment: Total price for hand finishing all metal, color case hardening and bluing to original colors.please call for quote.

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We are a two man gunsmith shop concentrating on color hardening.

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