Healthy Snack Ideas for Adults

Healthy snack

Snacks can be part of a balanced diet. Healthy snacks can maintain your energy level and provide you with the nutrients you need. A healthy snack can also help you control your appetite and be less hungry during meals. Read on to learn healthy snacks!

Tips for judicious snacks

  • A healthy snack is made up of food groups in Canada’s Food Guide. Try to include foods from two food groups in your snack, such as fruit and a handful of nuts, whole grain crackers and cheese, or hummus and vegetables.
  • Eat small snacks. Keep your portions under control by putting a single serving on a plate instead of serving directly in the box or bag.
  • Have a snack when you’re hungry, not when you’re bored or stressed, tired or upset. Excessive drinking could make you gain weight.
  • Avoid snacking when reading, working, watching TV or playing computer games. You are more likely to eat more if you are distracted.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Here are some delicious snack ideas including portion sizes to give you an idea of the portions.

Snacks to take away at work

  • 1 medium-sized fresh fruit such as a banana, pear, apple or orange and 60 ml (1/4 cup) unsalted nuts
  • 500 ml (2 cups) plain popcorn mixed with 60 ml (1/4 cup) roasted soybeans
  • Hiker mix: 30 g (1 oz) unsweetened whole grain cereal with 15 ml (1 tbsp) grapes and 15 ml unsalted nuts
  • Individual portion of unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with 15 ml (1 tbsp.) unsalted slurred almonds

Snacks to take in your bag

  • 250 ml (1 cup) vegetables such as carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and hummus
  • 1 slice whole grain bread with 15 ml (1 tbsp.) peanut butter or almonds
  • 1 bar of dried fruit and unmarked nuts (take one with little added sugar)
  • A small muffin or homemade protein bars

Snacks to have at home

  • 15 mini carrots with 30 ml (2 tablespoons) hummus
  • 250 ml (1tasse) yogurt and berry parfait (add fresh or frozen berries to yogurt)
  • 3 rye crackers with 50 g (1.5 oz) cheese
  • 250 ml (1 cup) of a whipped drink made with low-fat yogurt, an fortified soy beverage or skim milk and your favourite fruit
  • 30g high-fibre cereal and 125 ml (1/2 cup) skim milk
  • 250 ml (1 cup) sweet peppers sliced with 60 ml (1/4 cup) guacamole


Snacks can be part of your daily diet if you choose small portions of nutritious foods. Keep healthy snacks handy to satisfy your hunger.

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