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The color variations of a blue french bulldog blue merle french bulldog. Despite being a popular shade, a blue frenchie is not an official breed standard.

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To get a blue french bulldog, you need to.

How rare is a blue french bulldog. Since blue french bulldogs are rare, it’s crucial to be cautious when looking for your perfect furry family member. These canines carry a rare gene that is undesirable, and it. Blue french bulldogs are not rare at all.

By making a decision of buying a lilac or blue frenchie , you need to know that you can’t get the best quality dog for a small amount of money. What is a blue french bulldog? You must select a reputable breeder to ensure that the dog was properly bred.

They are “rare” colored french bulldogs and come in blue brindle, solid blue, blue piebald and blue fawn piebald colors which are undesirable according to kennel club breed standards. In a world where a standard french bulldog costs several thousand dollars, these rare colors can sell for tens of thousands. Blue frenchies attract people the most.

The fcba strongly discourages the breeding of this coat color as they believe such breeders place more importance on breeding for. Blue frenchies have a recessive dilution gene that causes that ghostly blue sheen on their coats. Blue is not a standard french bulldog color, so it is considered “rare” or.

That gene has long been associated with health problems, even in the weimaraner breed, where it is a part of the breed standard. French blue bulldogs attract the attention of future owners extremely easily. The color blue in this breed is a genetic disorder called the color dilution alopecia.

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The coat spectrum is broad, from very light gray to almost black, yet even in that situation, by looking at his nose’s color pattern, it can be seen that the dog is dd. In order to ‘create’ this rare colored frenchie, a breeder needs to select a blue french bulldog and a merle frenchie. By mating two black dd carriers, the newborn puppies will be blue, while liver (chocolate) carriers will affect producing isabella color of the coat.

Are french blue fawn bulldogs rare? The appearance of the blue color of the french bulldog’s coat is due to a very rare gene that leads to a bluish shade of fur. Though there are only 5 of them at the moment in the united states.

Blue french bulldog coat color. 2what is the rarest color of frenchie breeds? Blue french bulldogs or frosted french bulldogs are having a.

Scientists have come to a conclusion that the blue color doesn’t affect the dog’s health at all, and that they are completely the same as other french bulldogs in all other aspects. Here is the list of rare french bulldog colors: The diluted (d) gene is very rare and the roots of blue and chocolate frenchies go back to 1900’s.

The blue french bulldog is a frenchie with a beautiful blue (gray) coat. The blue french bulldog color is in the rare or exotic color price range. They have a very rare coat, and there are several opinions on owning this unusual color.

In the unusual or rare color price category, the blue french bulldog color is rare. It is sometimes called a ‘rare blue french bulldog’ and the french bulldog club of america refers to it as a fad color or disqualification color. Color dilution alopecia is a genetic defect found in dogs with unique coat coloration.

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Be aware that some blue french bulldogs (and other dogs, too) can develop color dilution alopecia. A blue merle is perhaps the rarest of them all. Blue french bulldogs are so special and rare that they cost more than many other dogs.

If you go to any french bulldogs show, you will get to see them. How rare is a blue french bulldog? He also has a strong influence on eye color, so it often happens that you will see a french bulldog with blue and gray eyes.

These pooches took a lot of popularity in the last few years and are often high in price. The only time pups change color is when it is a deliberately bred blue frenchie which will initially have a gray color before changes to its blue hue. Blue frenchies can also tan points, with tan patches as eyebrows, sometimes cheeks, and legs/paws.

Blue merle frenchies looks so unusual and are very difficult to breed. It’s no secret that the rare blue french bulldog is a popular color choice. If it’s severe, excessive pigmentation can cause breakage of the hair shaft and.

This pattern is definitely one of the most beautiful in frenchies. The rarest colors of french bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. While blue is very rare in frenchies, the color that is hardest to find is lilac or as it is otherwise known isabella color.

Are blue brindle french bulldogs rare? Blue and lilac french bulldogs are also higher in price.

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