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If two merle dogs are bred together, 50% of the offspring will be merle (mm), 25% of the offspring will not be merle (mm), and 25% of the offspring will be double. To summarize in a statistical way, a merle dog has two genes which are a dominant merle color denoted by a capital “m” and a recessive merle gene denoted by a lower case “m”.

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For this reason, care should be taken when breeding any solid red dogs in breeds where merle is present.

How to get a merle color dog. Dogs with the “m*m” genotype are likely to appear merle or phantom merle, that is, the dog is not obviously merle patterned but has a merle allele; This is because some dogs are much darker than others. Dogs with two merle genes are more prone to the health problems associated with merle coloring.

These patches can be located anywhere on the dog (as opposed to a piebald dog that has patches only on its head and body) and can be of any size. Dogs with the “m*m*” genotype are likely to appear merle or double merle. Dogs need a single merle gene to get this coat pattern.

Answered by lynn nicolas on thu, jan 21, 2021 9:19 pm. They cannot transmit this merle variant to any of their offspring. Merle is a pattern in a dog's coat.

Merle is a gene modifier that affects how other genes express themselves. It means that the merle affects not only the coat color but also the dog’s skin pigment, hair, and even eye color. Let’s take a closer look at how merle dogs get their coat and what health implications it has.

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Here’s a quick look at everything we’re going to cover in this guide to merle colored dogs. M* disrupts pmel expression, leading to a mottled or patchy coat color. When an american bully is born with the mutated merle gene, random sections of its coat are diluted in color due to the lack of pigment, which leaves only patches of the dog’s original color.

These three dogs are all phantom merles. This pattern varies along a continuum. The trouble starts when you breed two merle dogs, resulting in a double merle litter or mm.

Juniper (black pigment, left) and pekoe (blue pigment, middle) are either sables or recessive. These are black (eumelanin) and red (phaeomelanin). When two dominant “m” alleles are present the result is a double merle dog.

For a dog to have a merle coat, it requires both alleles. Although color is not always a great way to determine if a dog is merle or not, it is a good way to determine whether a dog is merle or not. Though there’s potential for many variations of eye color with the blue merle, most of them will have blue eyes with brown specks.

If your dog has no merle genes, (mm) he will be a typical, full colored dog. This color is the combination of different colors in the bernedoodle coat. The one copy will dilute your dog’s coat and lead to the possibility of different colored eyes.

These are called blue merles. If you ever wondered how they became like this, then you’re not the only one. A dog with two merle genes will be mainly white in color.

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The white and gray patterns that appear on a black make them appear to have a blueish cast. These are also known as the blue merle and gray merle. There is a 25% chance of each puppy being a double merle due to breeding two merles.

A clear sable is one with no dark (eumelanin) hairs in its coat, and clear sables may be almost indistinguishable from recessive reds. This is achieved by breeding one merle (“m/m”) to another merle (“m/m”). Another way that you can tell if your dog is merle is to ask the veterinarian.

Merle tri color is more about the pattern of the bernedoodle color. This pairing will produce a litter that is approximately half merle, or mm. If you breed two merle dogs together,.

We call this gene an. Merle is a color combination in dogs’ coats. The merle pattern is produced when a dog has a single copy of the m< allele.

The amount of dilute patches is dependent on which merle allele(s) are present and if the dog will show black/brown pigment (eumelanin) = not e/e at mc1r. The most popular way to see if your dog is merle is through color. According to a veterinarian lynn buzhardt, two colors are responsible for the dog’s color.

The merle coat is produced when a dog has a single copy of the m allele. Merle comes in different colors and patterns. It is a solid base color (usually red/brown or black) with lighter blue/gray or reddish patches, which gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect.

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