Nine Unhealthy Drinks You Should Avoid

We all know that the healthiest way to quench thirst is by drinking water. However, who could say that a glass of lemonade or fruit juice could turn out to be unhealthy? One of the most recognized ways to boost calories and gain weight is to drink high-calorie beverages. So you can control this sneaky way of consuming extra calories, we’ve put together a list of 9 unhealthy drinks to avoid.

Soft Drinks

Many people consume soft drinks daily; however, one can of soda a day be doing more harm to your body than you think. According to Dr. Colette Brown-Graham, soft drinks and carbonated beverages with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup markedly increase daily calorie intake. For example, a can of cola has 39 grams of sugar or 156 calories.

Light Soft Drinks

From light soft drinks to teas and lemonades with artificial sweeteners, none of these drinks are ideal for a healthy lifestyle, says dietitian Kelly Jones. These light drinks contain non-nutritive sweeteners, such as aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, which are artificial and chemical.

Fruit Juices

Although it is a healthier option than others, because it provides vitamins and minerals, it also provides more calories than you imagine. A glass of fruit juice contains between 150 and 230 calories.


A glass of cold lemonade is refreshing on a hot summer day, but you should moderate consumption of this drink because, unfortunately, a large amount of sugar is used to combat the acidity of lemon juice, which translates to around 168 calories per glass. Instead, opt for homemade lemonade made with as little common sugar as possible.

Added “extra” coffee

Although coffee is the lowest calorie option for breakfast, when you add “extras,” you transform it into a calorie bomb. These extras include whole milk, whipped cream, and syrup. If you can’t resist the temptation of coffee-based drinks, opt for skim milk and skip the whipped cream and syrup to cut calories, fat, and extra sugar.

Energy drinks

When you have a difficult day, and feel exhausted, avoid the temptation to drink an energy drink loaded with caffeine and sugar. The problem is that they provide a small burst of energy, but with dangerous side effects, such as “caffeine poisoning,” which can cause difficulty sleeping, feeling nervous, and increased or irregular heartbeat.

Sports drinks

Although sports drinks contain carbohydrates, vitamins, and electrolytes to hydrate and increase endurance, if you are not an active athlete, excess sugar in sports drinks could also increase your calorie intake significantly.

Flavorings And Powdered Juices

If you think powdered juices and beverage flavorings are an innocent way to improve the taste of water, think again. These additives contain artificial sweeteners and food colors, which recent studies have linked to hyperactivity in children and other studies have shown that they promote the development of cancer in animals.

Bottled Tea

The problem with bottled tea is the same as soft drinks: they have the same amount of sugar, and healthy polyphenols are low or non-existent when the tea is stored for a long time. In short, it is better to prepare tea at home.

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