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Grout and sealant selection key available in all 40 colours: Prism’s dense joints provide more resistance to stains than standard cement grouts and cures quickly.

Grout Staining Service Environmentally Friendly

1.3 details of the supplier of the safety data sheets name/address:

Prism grout colors pdf. Not that i have done this but you could always buy the bag of grout mix it up for the sample tile board and if it's not the exact color you want return the bag of grout. A portland cement based grout will appear darker in color when it is wet, even after full cure, in the same way that a sidewalk appears darker in color when it rains. 1.2 recommended use of chemical and restrictions on use product use:

Prism may be used for Colors shown are reproductions and may vary from actual product. • for grout joints 1/16” to 3/4” (1.5 mm to 19 mm) • uniform color consistency • very easy to apply and clean • interior and exterior loor and wall.

• prism surecolor grout should not be installed when ambient surface temperature is lower than 50° f (10° c) or higher than 100° f (38° c). Material safety data sheet prism surecolor grout 2 / 7 section 4: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

Custom building products five concourse parkway, suite 1900. Stone subject to staining or when using a grout that contrasts with the color of the tile. Test a small area prior to use.

Sizes, colors prism surecolor • 17lb(7.71kg)bag • 18 standard colors are available; (7.71 kg) covers the same area as a typical 25 lb. • some ceramic tile, marble or stone can be scratched, stained or damaged by sanded or pigmented grout.

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White grout is generally best for light colored marble or granite. And it will not effloresce. All 40 colors are available in all grout lines, including fusion pro.® available march 2015

This grout color cross reference chart is a guide for approximations only. ˇ = closest match but an apparent shade difference. Was the consistency reason for a) color of grout to the sample or b)color of grout to be consisent through the grout joint.

Prism offers consistent color with no shading regardless of tile type, temperature or humidity. The rapid setting formula results in high early strength and dense joints for the highest stain resistance in grout joints up to 1/2. Pro premium grout, permacolor select and permacolor grout are available in all 40 colours.

Prism surecolor grout is a blend of specialty cements, recycled. Laticrete latasil™ laticrete spectralock dazzle glow ★ laticrete 1500 sanded grout and laticrete 1600 unsanded grout # laticrete 1600 unsanded grout colors available i n 10 kg bags laticrete masonry pointing. Always refer to the manufacturer’s grout color chart for verification of actual color.

Grout colour chart grout and sealant colour card innovative tile and stone installation systems a vai l ab le in se lecte d c olor s: Grout colors bright white* #381 snow white* #11 antique white* #10 alabaster* #333 bone* #382 linen* #122 butter cream* #17 this product contributes to ”leadership in energy and environmental design” certification ©2007 custom building products. Adding water and begin grouting 4 spread and strike grout work area = 1 bag of prism per grouter within the work area, fully fill and pack joints well at a 45º angle moving diagonally across tile, then strike clean at an angle to remove excess grout.

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Mapei’s ultracolor plus max in pure white and jet black are the whitest. Custom empowers tile contractors and design professionals to choose the right grout type for the job. Walkable in just 4 hours • 17 lbs.

Use grout selection key for all other products. Working time with grout is. Sample colors shown approximate as nearly as possible the color of the grout.

If easy to do, remove contact lenses, if worn. Final installed color may vary due to differing installation techniques and jobsite conditions. Whatever the cause may be for a cement grout color varying from what is expected, there are viable, industry accepted options for fixing these types of issues.

Grout colors cross reference to custom building products * = new 2011 laticrete® grout color. The new colors are drawn from nature with inspiration from water, sand, and fog with muted gray, brown, green and blue tones. • color consistent — no shading • fast setting.

And it will not effloresce. First aid measures eye contact: Grout & caulk color selector 910 bright white 984 almond 949 silverado 944 light chocolate 935 silhouette 902 ivory 915 light smoke 927 light pewter 906 cornsilk 939 mist 928 praline 961.

Prism's calcium aluminate cement based formula offers consistent color with no shading regardless of tile type, temperature or humidity.

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Grout Staining Service Environmentally Friendly

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