Ten Drinks In The World That You Have To Try

Most of us, when we travel, we like to try typical things in each country, right? Well, today we are going to talk about the ten most typical drinks in certain places, those that in no case can we miss if we go to visit them.

Tequila – Mexico

When someone tells you about Mexico, what drink do you think? The tequila is distilled a native of the town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It has made this country world-famous, and today it is one of the great ambassadors of this culture.

Vodka – Poland / Russia

In these Eastern European countries, they get very cold in winter, and what better way to warm up than with a little Vodka. The Vodka is taken cold, the bottle has to be in the freezer or fridge (no ice), and they don’t mix it with another drink.

Fruit Shakes – Southeast Asia

For just 40 cents, you can buy a fresh fruit slush at street stalls in many Asian countries. All kinds of fruits await you, banana, mango, pineapple … due to the way it is prepared and how good it feels when it is so hot, it has become the most typical drink in Southeast Asia.

Mate – South America

Countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile … are large consumers of mate, an infusion around which there is a strong cultural tradition. The typical way to consume it is hot in a container made of wood using a straw called a bulb, made of metal or cane, to suck.

Caipirinha- ​​Brasíl

Caipirinha is a refreshing alcoholic drink that is very popular throughout the world but originates from Brazil. It is made with Cachaça, lime or lemon, crushed ice, and sugar.

It is important to drink it in moderation since, being so good; you do not realize how much alcohol it has and then come to its side effects.

Beer- Germany

Beer is not only drunk in Germany, but this country has the reputation of being the country that consumes the most beer. A good example is a celebration of the largest beer festival, the Oktoberfest, which takes place in the city of Munich, where more than 6 million people attend on its 18 days of celebration.

Whiskey – Scotland

The most internationally recognized drink in Scotland is whiskey, and it is curious that in the United States, it is called Scotch. The word whiskey is derived from the Scottish Gaelic “uisge beatha” meaning “water of life.” For them, it is a sin to mix it with a drink like Coca-cola, the correct way to drink it is with water or ice.

Wine – Spain

Wine is a drink that is obtained from the grape through the alcoholic fermentation of its must or juice. It is the traditional drink of all Spain that stands out for its great variety and its quality.

Lassi – India

Lassi is a traditional Indian drink made from yogurt. It is a drunk cold and has great refreshing power. The most used products to prepare lassis in India are mango, papaya, and banana.

Mojito – Cuba

The mojito is a popular cocktail originating in Cuba, consisting of rum, sugar, lime, mint, or good herb and mineralized water. It is not that it is good, it is very good!

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